CEO of BlackBerry ‘Mr. John S. Chen’, has informed of introducing 2 new Android handsets of mid-range in current year. 

Out of them, one will be with the keyboard and another will have the touch screen.

BlackBerry has no intention of making handsets for the system BB10, however, it will modernize the existing devices.

BlackBerry’s sales declined to $ 20 million during the last three months. According to Chen, our first Android ‘Priv’ was quite expensive. If BlackBerry wants to be in hardware business, we have to offer new handsets at reasonable price.

It was further added by him that when he was talking to the officials of  UAE website ‘The National’, he disclosed that the idea of bringing an expensive phone in the market was probably not a wise step.

He further added that customers told to me that they want to buy this phone but its price of $700 is too much and not affordable. Earlier to it, Chen declared that the company’s poor performance was the reason for delays in the negotiations with the mobile network.

Last month, Facebook and WhatsApp messaging service decided to suspend mobile app for BlackBerry. They confirmed that they will not support BlackBerry app. 

According to the BlackBerry, this decision disappointed the company.

According to the Analysts, if BlackBerry wants to stay in hardware business, it’ll have to offer new handsets in reasonable price.

To be in business back, as a first step, BlackBerry introduces 2 new Smartphones