After many years of experiences, eventually, Samsung is going to introduce the foldable Smartphone that is expected to be launched in the year of 2017

Yes, my dears! Samsung foldable Smartphone is going to become reality very soon.

As per report of the British Daily Newspaper ‘The Independent’, this device will look like a 5-inch general Smartphone but when this phone fold will open, its screen will be increased to 7-inch and it will be looking like a small tablet.

It is not yet clear that how this phone will look like or how its fold will work, but this is not a secret that Samsung has been working for years on foldable and  portable screen technology. 

Samsung has also finalized a patent of a phone last month whose screen can be folded and users can open it as a window blind.

 Last year, Samsung flagship Smartphones have also been revealed in the form of Galaxy S7 series.  These foldable devices will be introduced in the coming year i.e.  2017.

Samsung has not yet said anything about it formally, however, it has been claimed in the reports that in 2017, such phones may be in the hands of the users.   

This device has not been named so far and nobody has any idea that when this device will come and how will it look like?   

It is remembered that after the planning of many years, Samsung introduces foldable Smartphone.