The world’s first flexible Smartphone

The world’s first flexible Smartphone Moxi Group introduces

CHINA: It  sounds crazy but it is real! A start-up Chinese Company has won the race of developing the world’s first flexible Smartphone. The company has introduced such a flexible Smartphone that can be easily bent and wrapped on the wrist.,

In the Smartphone technology, next essential thing is the developing of flexible Smartphone. In this regard, a well-known Korean Company ‘Samsung’ is also working, but earlier to Samsung flexible Smartphone a start-up Chinese Company ‘Moxi Group’ has introduced the world’s first flexible Smartphone. This phone is thoroughly touch screen but it has flexibility inside it so it can be bent as well as rotate.

This Smartphone can rotate that you can wrap it on the wrist like a watch. This Chinese had developed many Smartphones earlier to it, that’s why we can doubt on its quality. This phone’s design is such that it included smaller size but powerful battery. Because it is the world’s first flexible Smartphone, that’s why it is very expensive. At present, this phone is just available in black and white colour while it will be offered in the market by the end of this year even complete colours will be available in 2018.

Not only Samsung rather Apple also wishes to develop such a Smartphone. These companies have  succeeded in developing the curved Phones but not any company developed the flexible phone alike Moxi Group.