weak passwords

Microsoft service will not accept weak passwords

Making of weak passwords will be impossible in Microsoft service only strong passwords will be accepted.

Million of accounts are hacked daily, weak passwords are often the cause of it. But to think that why does web service give permission to make easy passwords? According to the research, in the year 2015, ‘123456’ password was used most. If the web service does not give permission to make such weak passwords so million of accounts may be saved from hacking. This is the reason that Microsoft has decided to take a serious step in this regard.

Most of the users choose an easy password so that they can easily remember it, even it is not enough, they make the same password of their many accounts.  Even knowing all the passwords’ importance, they do not be careful in this regard. Every year the complete data of leaked passwords reveals this data proves helpful for the hackers. The users are still using the same passwords instead of being warned about it. That’s why Microsoft service will not accept weak passwords.

Such a feature is including in the Microsoft service that will warn about the leaked passwords on the internet. If the users will try to choose any password that is already available on the internet so its permission will not be given. For choosing difficult password this feature will not tease to the users while it will only look its database and decide the passwords is available or not. In such a way, the users must make a difficult password.

This is such a step taken by Microsoft service, now leave all of your worries at the side of a table and take a chill pill because Microsft sevice will never accept weak passwords with the help of this step your accounts will be more secure.