Facebook tracks watch your every move on its platform. Whether, you like any photo or comment on any post. This social media site preserves it.

You can easily look at it when you go into your ‘Activity Log’ but Facebook is not just kept a record of your activities on any post or page,  it especially tracks your every aspect of searching habits.

Facebook also keeps every search record on its platform as same as Google.

The reason to store is as same as of Google. It helps to know them that next time when you want to get any related information, it provides quick help in finding it.

For example, if you are looking for and view ‘Dawn Urdu’ page in the search, next time this page will appear automatically for visiting in front of you when you just type the word ‘The’.

The search history is limited to the user by Facebook Privacy Setting but most of the people are logged in their Facebook accounts via both mobiles and computers.

That means, if anyone gets your Facebook account login,  he can know about your searching habit with ease.

But you shouldn’t worry in this regard because luckily you can delete your search history easily.

First of all, click on Facebook search bar through mouse so the list of recent searches will appear in front of you as well as the option of ‘Edit’, click on edit, your search history will be removed.

So, when your history page opens, you can delete specific searches by clicking on circle icon next to the specific search or you can also delete everything by selecting ‘Clear Searches’ option that appears, in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Now enjoy the tip that how to delete Facebook search history easily.