download Facebook videos

How to download Facebook videos

In this present era, who don’t use the social networking website ‘Facebook’? if you use it, so you surely see videos?

You see them even share them, have you never thought that how to download them?

Well, apparently it’s quite difficult to meet these videos, but it’s easier than you expected and you’ll not need any software to do it so. Especially, if you have to compromise on video quality.

First at all, play the video that you want to download and then open it in Pop-up Window.


Then, go into browser’s URL and replace www with m then enter like ‘۔’


After that, click to play the video.



At last, then  right-click from the mouse on the video then select the option of ‘Save video as’. Then your video will save into your computer and not any software will need for it.


Now you’ve know this wonderful and easiest way to download Facebook videos with ease.

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