Online Earning

Online Earning is better than a 9 to 5 job?

Do you know that if you have a day job you are exchanging your time for money?
Time is a finite resource; we all have 24 hours every day and we cannot exchange all of them for money as we have to devote our time to other activities like sleeping, eating etc.

This means that if you sell your time then your earning potential is limited because you can only work so many hours in a day.

This is why it is impossible for the bulk of us to attain financial freedom whilst holding onto a day job.

On the other hand, you can build your own online business of selling products.

Why Online Earning Is Better Than A 9 to 5 Job?

If you sell products your earning potential is virtually unlimited because there is no limit to the number of products you can sell and how many people you can sell them to!

You can also create any number of products and each product will be a new income stream for you. The products we are discussing here include e-books, videos, training courses and audio files, also called digital products, that you can sell online.

With an online business, you have access to a global market and you can automate your business and earn money while you sleep!

This is called passive income and once you taste it trust me, you won’t stop looking for creative ways to keep earning it.

Another advantage of having an online earning is that your earning potential is not limited by your boss. With a regular day job, you are at the mercy of your employer.

They decide how much they want to pay you and when to give you a raise etc. This, in effect, means that your boss literally controls your financial livelihood. That’s rather risky for obvious reasons.

When you set up your own online business that earns you money online the situation is different. Your efforts into product creation and marketing are the ones that determine how much you can earn. You can even scale up your business eg by entering into new markets or creating follow up products.

This puts you in charge of your finances. Isn’t that a better situation to be in rather than giving your boss the reins?

Another thing with having a regular day job is that you do not have control over your time. Your boss tells you what time you can be home, what time you can spend with your kids etc. They do this by stating your working hours and days.

When you are earning money, on the other hand, you will have more control over your time. You can work from home, at night, over the weekends etc. In essence, will be your own boss and you will have a more flexible schedule. You can read my post that explores the advantages of having an online business in-depth.

Can you be an Online Entrepreneur & Earn Money Online?
You may be excited about what has been discussed thus far but you wonder how you can create these products and run your own online business.

Well i have a website “MMH” where you can learn a lot of things like drop shipping, E-commerce, Shopify, Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and a lot more it will definitely help you a lot in any kind of online business. So you can easily start your own 6 or even 7 figure business easily.